Call for papers: Spool CpA #5: Human-Robot Interaction for Carbon-free Architecture


The Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry is facing a threefold challenge involving the (1) digital transformation of all design and planning processes, (2) automation of construction processes, and (3) reconsideration of energy, process, and material use. This challenge involves issues of productivity, scalability, safety, labor skill shift, and environmental impact. There is a particular urgency in transferring effective solutions from research to building practice to meet significant carbon reduction goals by 2040.

The Spool CpA #5 issue makes an inventory of current tendencies in autonomous construction and human-robotic interaction in architecture. It aims at affirming and/or challenging research agendas in the domain of architectural robots. The leading questions are:

(i) What are the fundamental research questions for framing post-carbon autonomous construction?

(ii) What are the interdependencies between machines, humans, and materials?

(iii) How do different implementation timeframes define strategies for transferring research, as for instance, continuous transformation vs. leapfrogging?

Various themes ranging from synthesis of big data to human-robot collaboration, mobile and miniaturized robotic approaches, machine learning for autonomous robots, and robotic spaces, structures and building systems will be addressed covering a ranging from architecture to robotics and computer science.

Authors can submit papers in line with authors’ guidelines or email to J. P. Drude ([email protected]). Paper submissions will be subject to double- or single-blind peer review.

The following timeline is envisioned:
Publication call 1 March 2023;
Paper submissions 1 March-1 June 2023;
Review and revised paper submissions 1 June-1 October 2023;
Publication 1 December 2023.

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