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Dialogs on Architecture






Cyber-physical Systems, algorithms and computational processes, Human-Computer and Human-Robot Interaction


Dialogs on Architecture is a series of dialogs between researchers and practitioners. who are embracing the intellectual model of high technology and are involved in its advancement and application in architecture. The present dialog focuses on the role of parametric design and cyber-physical systems in architecture. It has been inspired by a lecture given by Henriette Bier at the Italian Institute of Architecture in Catania (2019) and addresses the question of the current paradigm shift in architecture and its impact on the role of the architect and the user. The dialog is led by Grazia Maria Nicolosi (GMN) with Henriette Bier  (HB) and Maria Vogiatzaki (MV).


How to Cite

Nicolosi, G. M., Bier, H., & Vogiatzaki, M. (2021). Dialogs on Architecture. SPOOL, 7(3), 59–64. https://doi.org/10.7480/spool.2020.3.5493





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