Actuated and Performative Architecture

Emerging Forms of Human-Machine Interaction





actuated architecture, performative architecture, human-machine interaction, CpA, Cyber-physical Architecture, Spool


This Spool [CpA] #3 issue poses and attempts to answer questions on the nature of this intimate human-machine bond, encouraging the discussion of its potentials also in terms of individual and social resilience. This issue of Spool, moreover, attempts to explore the design of bio-cyber-physical systems, which requires integration of natural, physical, and virtual architectures with digital systems and social organizations. In designing interactions between the (augmented) human and cyber-physical environments, the collection and use of personal data, the management of a multi-layered design approach, and the ethics of such design activity require attention from experts in architectural design, interaction and UX design, civil and architectural engineering, mechanical and electrical engineering, computer and information science, sociology, psychology, education, ethics, philosophy, media arts, and science and technology studies.


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Pillan, M., Bier, H., Green, K., & Pavlovic, M. (2021). Actuated and Performative Architecture: Emerging Forms of Human-Machine Interaction. SPOOL, 7(3), 3–4.