the Garden in the Landscape Metropolis


  • Saskia de Wit Delft University of Technology
  • Andre Dekker Observatorium




In this issue of SPOOL Landscape Metropolis #6, designerly and discursive work on gardens in the metropolitan landscape is explored. The focus is on the garden as a theatre of landscape in the metropolis, where the city-dweller can stand face to face with natural processes, the longue durée of evolution and natural growth, silence, and open skies, as the counterpart to the excess of the urban programme. This notion of the garden as a theatre, a stage on which landscape and growth are performed, is explored by taking a closer look, spotting those places that merit attention in the vast metropolitan territory. Consequently, this is how we invite our readers to read this issue of SPOOL – by giving attention to the particular, while establishing links between one particularity and another, and to the overarching whole.


How to Cite

de Wit, S., & Dekker, A. (2020). the Garden in the Landscape Metropolis. SPOOL, 7(1), 3–8.