Amidst Things: A more-than-Human Garden for Nonhuman Species and their Human Companions
Amidst Things

A more-than-Human Garden for Nonhuman Species and their Human Companions


  • Asbjørn Jessen University of Copenhagen




post-war social housing, transformation, more-than-human garden, things, nonhuman species


This visual essay explores the making of a new garden in a small secluded space deep within Danish housing estate Farum Midtpunkt. Through a series of digitally produced drawings the author unfolds origin and current material condition of the site in question, and speculates on the site’s possible future as a new garden for humans and the landscape metropolis’s unnoticed animals and plants. The design approach for the new garden is experimental, maintenance-based and open-ended, aiming to achieve a high level of biodiversity and to balance preservation and renewal attending to the site’s legacy and pre-existing qualities.


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Jessen, A. (2020). Amidst Things: A more-than-Human Garden for Nonhuman Species and their Human Companions. SPOOL, 7(1), 75–94.





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