Captured Moments of Landscape Metamorphosis





On-site sketching, Vegetation, Transformation, Seasons, Phase drawing, Plant morphology


Landscape architecture students at the University of Ljubljana were encouraged to prepare temporal series of landscape and plant drawings to sharpen their sensitivity to changes in the perception of a land motive and vegetation morphology. Students chose a particular motive, defined the frame of the drawing, and identified characteristic plants on site. The motives were sketched several times during the year to portray seasonal changes. Specific environmental conditions (fog, rain, sunny day) were captured in drawings, and in the case of plants, drawings revealed the transitions of selected physiological events (budding, flowering, fruiting). These transformations were discussed in connection with landscape perception and as a tool in the design process.

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Schmitzer, V., Gerdin, T., Ilersic, R., Zaucer, A., & Kregar Tršar, M. (2022). Captured Moments of Landscape Metamorphosis. SPOOL, 9(3), 5–24.





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