Cross-scale drawings of hidden landscape dynamics





Cross-scale drawing, Capturing dynamics and time, Drawing as a diagram, Prediction of development


The question of how to show processes that are by definition time-based has been one of the more intriguing ones in the field of landscape representation. With ever-greater importance being given to values of space that can be measured, we ask if new approaches to the drawing of space are needed to unveil these measured, sometimes hidden landscapes. With this in mind, students in the Department of Landscape Architecture at the University of Ljubljana undertaking the Visual Communication course were tasked with developing new techniques of data visualization focusing on (1) the spatial dynamics of landscapes and (2) on the multiscalarity of the representations.

The paper comprises a general description and discussion of the topic, accompanied by seven sets of drawings where the two above-mentioned aspects are briefly discussed in the drawings’ captions. The drawings presented here push and question the boundaries of drawing conventions and consequently elicit uncertainty and encourage further enquiry. Exploring new drawing approaches is an important part of revealing contemporary landscapes.

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Pipan, T., Kregar Tršar, M. ., Zgonec, M., Valenčić, F., Tamše, T., Merhar, M., Benedik, A., Jaušovec, . L., Oražem, K., & Florjanc, N. (2022). Cross-scale drawings of hidden landscape dynamics. SPOOL, 9(3), 43–56.





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