‘The Future is just around the Corner...’ – The construction of urban narratives through temporary supergraphics






Urban transformation, Narratives, Mediatization, Murals, Supergraphics, Comics, Cartography, Temporary art, Placemaking, Building sites


Drawings play various roles in (and in-between) the processes of design, construction and the continuous use and appropriation of space. This article explores large drawing elements positioned at building sites. It discusses how decision makers, developers, planners and design professionals actively use such representational means to create site and project narratives for the site preparation and construction phase. Two projects and sites are presented here in order to illustrate and explore the role of large on- site supergraphics during site transformation. The main aim is to explore how they configure specific conceptions of time. The first is Ōtautahi: An Origin Story, a large comic strip mounted on the hoardings of the building site for a new convention centre in Christchurch, New Zealand, as part of the city’s post- earthquake rebuild. The second case is a ground mural in the Danish town of Køge featuring a map in a section of a temporary urban space called The Space of Time that is part of the town’s harbour transformation. The analysis engages with theoretical perspectives on visual culture, drawing and space – in particular urban comics, cartography, mapping, site thinking and transformation. It sheds light on an emerging phenomenon in contemporary urban culture – one characterized by hybrid authorships, ambiguous aesthetics and time-space constellations.

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Wagner, . A. M. (2022). ‘The Future is just around the Corner.’ – The construction of urban narratives through temporary supergraphics. SPOOL, 9(3), 111–128. https://doi.org/10.47982/spool.2022.3.07





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