Reimagining Humanity


  • Junichi Satoh University of Washington image/svg+xml
  • Taylor Stahle Utility Works




Artificial Intelligence, Indigenous Cultures, Fiction, Deep Adaptation, Sustainability, Survival of the Fittest


‘Faced with inevitable collapse, leading scientists used some of the industrial world’s last remaining technological and energy resources to design and provide an AI bot for selected people on the planet.’’ The following short fiction story explores the next version of human settlement after the collapse of this one, as predicted by Bendell’s research into ‘Deep Adaptation’ (Bendell, 2020). Dr. Bendell warns us that, unless we find ways to radically change our lifestyle, ‘human societies will experience disruptions to their basic functioning within less than ten years due to climate stress. Such disruptions include increased levels of malnutrition, starvation, disease, civil conflict and war – and will not avoid affluent nations.’ Through this story, we illustrate the idea that a societal collapse may actually be what humanity, and most certainly what the earth, needs.

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Satoh, J., & Stahle, T. (2022). Reimagining Humanity. SPOOL, 9(2), 91–108.