Banjarmasin, where the river is the city!

Participatory Revitalization of Urban Riverine Settlements






Participatory revitalization, historic urban landscape, HUL, water landscape, urban heritage, water urbanism, urban revitalization, heritage management, participatory planning


The Indonesian city of Banjarmasin, Borneo, is widely known as the ‘city of the thousand rivers.’ Residents live and work in urban settlements that occupy the river and its banks. However, modern road-oriented urbanization, overpopulation, illegal building activity, and pollution have a devastating impact. Without adequate management, Banjarmasin’s impressive river-related identity would lose its cultural and socio-economic significance. Therefore, the city government is searching for solutions to revive its river culture and to revitalize riverine settlements. In 2019, a workshop was carried out by following the HUL Quick Scan method, which is inspired by UNESCO’s Historic Urban Landscape (HUL) approach. This paper focuses on the outcomes of the workshop in Banjarmasin in relation to participatory revitalization of urban riverine settlements.

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Timmer, P., & Rosbergen, J. (2021). Banjarmasin, where the river is the city! Participatory Revitalization of Urban Riverine Settlements. SPOOL, 8(3), 5–28. https://doi.org/10.7480/spool.2021.3.6215





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