Dialogues on Architecture






Architecture, Construction, Robotics, In-Situ Resource Utilisation, Human-Computer and Human-Robot Interaction, Industry 4.0


Dialogues on Architecture is a series of dialogues between researchers and practitioners, who are embracing the intellectual model of high technology and are involved in its advancement and application in architecture. Dialogue #4 focuses on the technology transfer between on- and off-Earth research and its impact on society, and in particular on industry and education. The dialogue takes place between Henriette Bier (HB), Paul Chan (PC), Advenit Makaya (AM), and Angelo Cervone (AC).

How to Cite

Bier, H., Chan, P., Makaya, A., & Cervone, A. (2021). Dialogues on Architecture. SPOOL, 8(2), 105–110. https://doi.org/10.7480/spool.2021.2.6057





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