Saving Energy Battle (sEB)
Saving Energy Battle (sEB)


  • Ana Pereira Roders Eindhoven University of Technology
  • Job Roos TU Delft




3TU Saving Energy Battle (sEB) aimed at charting post-war neighbourhoods in energy saving rankings, and take a first step in a global monitoring tool on resource efficiency. We also tested the new process of energy performance certification, in three post-war neighbourhoods of major Dutch cities: Westelijke Tuinsteden, Amsterdam; Ommoord, Rotterdam; and Mariahoeve, Den Haag.

This monitoring tool and online short courses were developed online. Further, we organized an live event on 28 February 2015, where students and volunteers teamed up to assist building owners with the upload of requested information and photos. The sEB event was a great experience! Den Haag won first place (127), followed by Amsterdam (118) and Rotterdam (62)!

All building owners who succeeded in uploading all needed information have obtained a definitive Energy label issued by Atriensis, free of charge. The research team has their data, to answer their research questions. Public officers and owners can inform transformation decisions on their energy savings. Ministries can compare and determine the contribution of measures as the energy performance certification to boost energy efficiency.

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Pereira Roders, A., & Roos, J. (2015). Saving Energy Battle (sEB). SPOOL, 2(2), 17–19.