Circular Water Stories II


  • Inge Bobbink Delft University of Technology
  • Fransje Hooimeijer Delft University of Technology
  • Suzanne Loen LILA Living Landscapes




Circular Water Stories focusses on the changing circumstances of the water system and water chain, and the consequential spatial transformation. The approach highlights the vulnerable interdependency between traditional, marginalized water communities and their environments. The papers of this second Spool issue on Circular Water Stories in the Landscape Metropolis #8 investigate traditional water systems as a source of inspiration for today’s water, characterised by the concepts of too much, too little, and too dirty from two main perspectives: the people-orientated cultural perspective and the systemic spatial perspective. 

How to Cite

Bobbink, I., Hooimeijer, F., & Loen, S. (2021). Circular Water Stories II. SPOOL, 8(3), 3–4.