Deep Adaptation - The Spatial Dimension





deep adaptation, spatial dimension, architecture, urban design, landscape planning, urban planning


This issue of SPOOL seeks to explore the spatial dimension of the Deep Adaptation concept and how it can be put to use in the spatial disciplines such as urban planning, landscape planning, urban design, and architecture.

The contributions showcase the various ways this issue’s topic can be profitably applied to the spatial disciplines. They also show how open to interpretation the concept of Deep Adaptation still is. It is up to future contributions to sharpen the concept’s application to the organization and design of the built environment. Yet, we are hopeful that this issue is a first step, and that in the future the concept of Deep Adaptation will be further explored and operationalized in the spatial disciplines.

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Zwangsleitner, D., Carnelli, E., & Boucsein, B. (2022). Deep Adaptation - The Spatial Dimension. SPOOL, 9(2), 3–4.